Welcome to my Music Therapy Blog! My purpose is to share about how I practice music therapy. I have been a board-certified music therapist for over 25 years and I hold both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Therapy. I speak English and Spanish and see multicultural clients.   For the past 17 years I have worked exclusively with survivors of child abuse and I would say that 98% of the cases are sexual abuse. I see between 20 and 30 clients a week in both individual and group sessions.  I have a lot of things to share with you and this blog seemed like a good way to contribute to the Music Therapy community.  Prior to my current full time position as an MT for a non-profit agency, I primarily worked in the field of mental health and because I was also contracting those first 11 or so years of my career,  I was able to work in other areas including: geriatrics, HIV/Aids, traumatic brain injury, medical, drug and alcohol treatment, hospice, and developmental disabilities.  I also enjoy a small little side career as a singer-songwriter and have a website for access to my original compositions.


This blog information is intended for use by board certified music therapists, or music therapists with the credentials MT-BC.   Please consult with a Board Certified Music Therapist (or, in some states, a licensed board certified music therapist) for help in treating your clients with music interventions if you are not an MT-BC.   Music Therapists are uniquely trained to work in a variety of health care settings.   Music therapists have a base of knowledge that includes:   professional music competency and competency in health care delivery, (i.e. extensive personal study in music and personal accomplishments to a high level of musicianship, the study of music psychology, a variety of music therapy methods, theory and practice of music therapy and music psychotherapy, traditional methods of psychotherapy for individual, and extensive preparation for group work in a variety of settings, in addition to population specific information).  In addition, the educated and experienced board-certified music therapist adheres to a code of ethics and scope of practice overseen by the credentialing board for music therapists which dictates music therapy practice commensurate with education and experience.  


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